Reclamation of Brymbo
This page was last updated on: August 12, 2009
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All Pictures taken by Frankie Owens
This page is about the recovery of Brymbo Land. With the repossession of the land we can watch using pictures and see Brymbo move into the future.
January 24th 2006
Building houses on Steel Works see Clayton Rd and mast in background.

Photo taken of College Hill Tan-fron
College Hill or Brymbo Rd Tan y Fron
Lodge looking at green bank no works
Photo taken Botom of Station Rd.
Steel works bank in the foreground
Rd leading to lodge past Toll gate house
Sales office on entrance {No2 gate Ex Brymbo Steel Tany Fron
Taken botom of Station Rd., Looking towards Brymbo
This is the other sight for houseing development