Foundry's last pour.
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last tap 9-6-1985 No 1 Cupola Denzil Lloyd Cupola attandant [Background]
Still casting
Ladle nearly full Denzil Lloyd Cupola Attendant Walter Salisbury Foreman.
Maldwyn Hughes Skimming floating matter off the surface before teeming into moulds.
Walter teeming into ingot moulds
Still teeming into ingot moulds.
There were eight ingot moulds to fil
It would take more than one ladle to fill all the moulds
Casting small floor moulds
Floor moulds
Breaking heads off runners unfortunate this one had not set
Old No 1 Blast Fur nace tapping hole in back ground
Access to overhead crane
Left to right Paul Williams-Geof Davies-Stan Percival- Walter Salisbury- Maldwyn Hughes
No1 Cupola
No2 Cupola
Inside foundry showing location of No1 Blast Fur Tapping hole
When iron casting finished, they turned to none ferous casting.
This shows Brass fur working
Lifting a 20lb small crucible out by hand
Casting small brass items house numbers for friends
You can see the height of ingot moulds 2.82 tons being the weight of ingot case
John Ashley Roberts check's the ropes and chains for the last time
Pits were ingot mould's were cast