Compass - Good Readings
Each person you speak with, articles you read, pictures you see or media you watch, in some way guide you through life.
  This page holds the links to some mind etching photos, great reading and new thoughts to ponder.

  It is not very often that after I read an article it changes my views on the world.  I hope you enjoy the readings ahead.
Alan Owens

Ukraine's Orange Revolution
  Photo reportage called "stolen election" it is about social unrest that followed the recent election in the Ukraine.

The Serpent's Wall.
  A fascinating look at Kiev's history of defending itself with the aid of a wall. It includes photos documenting the WWII era bunkers that were built into the existing Serpent's Wall.

  These stories are about prison life during the times of the late U.S.S.R and after collapse.
  A story about a town where one can ride with no stoplights, no police and no noise.
Chernobyl - Land of the Wolves

Starlin's prison Camps