Mount Zion Brymbo
This page was last updated on: August 12, 2009
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  New houses being built at Mount Zion - the old farmhouse remains, but plans to convert the old outbuildings were changed to 12 new houses, although the roof lines & exteriors have had to mimic the old buildings.
  These two photos were taken the first time I visited the site (Susan). The old farm buildings had been demolished but the farmhouse remains. My house will be to the left of the farmhouse (as you are looking at the photos).
Thanks Susan for the photos.   Susan's is having her new house built at Mount Zion!
"I'll Have my Mother bring her a fresh piece of coal to put on the mantle piece for good luck!"(Alan Owens)   My relatives lived here all there lives until death. (Alan Owens)
Thanks to a kind reader for the photos
Susan's House at Mount Zion, Brymbo, Thanks again or sending the updated Photo.

Her house (2002) is the one next to the farm - these are the smallest houses (3 bedrooms) - others are up to 4 bedrooms + extra bathroom.