Pictures by Frankie Owens
Pictures by Frankie Owens
Pictures by Frankie Owens
Pictures by Frankie Owens
Can anybody help me with information or pictures on Saron?
Churches in Brymbo

Gyfynys Church1802-?     Harwt/Wern Cae-plenty (Capeleeca /Ridings) Nr. Ffrwd

Bethel      1800-1837
1890-1972 BrymboWelsh Wesleyan Chapel


Engedi    1820-2003 BrymboCalvinistic Methodists

St. Johns 1837-1869 Brymbo

Bryn Seion Church   1861-?     Brymbo

Capel Brain       1861-?     Lodge    Baptist Chapel

Tabernacle1864-1987Brymbo  Baptists

Noddfa      1864-?     Lodge

St. Mary's1872-Present     Brymbo

English Methodist Church (Tin Chapel)
1885-Present     Brymbo

St. Johns 1892-1970Brymbo

English Congregational Church

Bethania   ?-?  Brymbo  Calvinistic Methodists


Can anyone shed more light on this church or any of the other churches in Brymbo?  Please email me at

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2006 Jan 25th
The building know as the Saron in Penrhos it was a spin off  small  Chapel belonging to the cross Chapel on High St which has been converted in to flats There were two gentlemen one was the grandfather off Harold Williams who lived by the Chemist and the other lived by the Dragon belong to Maggie Venables They would walk from Brymbo to teach the children in Sunday School. The Chapel is a division of a church with its own Altar; Nonconformist place of worship ( How do i know, well i have been taking to May Dodd who went there ).