St. John's Church.
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St. John's, 1837-1869 then 1892-1970

  The first church erected in 1837 and consecrated on July 31st, 1838, and was a plain Gothic building, comprising a chancel and nave, with a western bell gable and a small west porch, the cost was £1,280.

  When the subsidence occurred, the church was closed and the services transferred to the schools in 1869, which also collapsed from the same subsidence. After the eastern portion of the church had fallen into ruin, the west was partitioned off for a mortuary chapel.

  A second church, dedicated to St. John, was built in 1892 on the site of the original church, specifically for the use of the Welsh-speaking population. Not surprisingly, because of the history of the site, this building became unsafe; and it was demolished sometime after 1974. See Here...
Picture by Frankie Owens
May Dodd in front of Welsh Church.
Churches in Brymbo

  St. Johns church was the first church to be built in Brymbo in 1837-8. It was built on a fault, and due to the mining operations in the area, subsidence took place and it fell into ruin. To replace it St. Mary's was built in 1871 and St. John's Welsh Church in 1891.

  The new parish of Brymbo was created on 6 December 1844. It contained the township of Brymbo and part of the township of Broughton, both of which had previously been in the parish of Wrexham.
  On 5 March 1880, the western part of the parish went to the new parish of Bwlchgwyn; on 15 February 1909, part went to the new parish of Broughton; and on 7 May 1921, part went to the new parish of Southsea.

The church was in Denbighshire until 1974; and in Clwyd from 1974 until 1996.

It is now in Wrexham County Borough.

Churches in Brymbo

Gyfynys Church1802-?     Harwt/Wern Cae-plenty (Capeleeca /Ridings) Nr. Ffrwd

Bethel      1800-1837
1890-1972 BrymboWelsh Wesleyan Chapel


Engedi     1820-2003 BrymboCalvinistic Methodists

St. Johns 1837-1869 Brymbo

Bryn Seion Church   1861-?     Brymbo

Capel Brain       1861-?     Lodge    Baptist Chapel

Tabernacle1864-1987Brymbo  Baptists

Noddfa      1864-?     Lodge

St. Mary's1872-Present     Brymbo

English Methodist Church (Tin Chapel)
1885-Present     Brymbo

St. Johns 1892-1974?Brymbo

English Congregational Church 

Bethania   ?-?  Brymbo  Calvinistic Methodists

Saron?-?  Pen-Rhos

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