The origin of the Chapel started somewhere in the Glascoed in 1728 and in 1747 they were joined by people from Tanyfron. In 1807 the Reverend Evan Davies came from London to Cefn Mawr and in 1817 came to Brymbo, several of his former members from Cefn Mawr followed him in 1818 to form the nucleus of a new Chapel in "Harwd" and Hugh Hughes was ordained a minister, staying for three years. The members then decreased and the Chapel failed.
  Doctor Ellis Evans from Rhos preached at a building in "Rowland's" house, which was apparently a straw thatched cottage, owned by Thomas Jones who was a clock cleaner. To Penrhos in 1835 a Reverend Benjamin Jones came as a missionary. He came from Rhos to Brymbo to establish the Baptist cause again in Brymbo, and the first Sunday Service was held in the open air. A Sunday school was now opened in a house in the Mount, and the Baptist cause began again to prosper.
  1848 a Chapel was opened in Penygraig, thought to be near the bungalow at the rear of the top of Penygraig. Recently an elderly lady has informed me, that there was in fact a pulpit, which once stood in the house where Mr. Jabez Reynolds lived. This stone cottage stood *r»- the center of five and were known as Penygraig Villas, where I once lived. They stood where the seating area now stands at the top of Penygraig and the bungalow referred to is the one in which Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stapley now live. Whilst they were in this position they also worshipped behind the Bee Hive Stores (now the Venture Hall) and the end house in the "Long Row" which stretched from behind the Tin Chapel to Bod Idris, where the new Old Age Pensioners flats are built. The Chapel in Penygraig now flourished and was extended, so it was now decided to build the "Tabernacle" at the Cross-and in 1864 this was done. Also "Noddfa", the first Chapel in the Lodge was built about the same time. The first minister at the Tabernacle was the Reverend Herbert Davies, who left for Birkenhead, and in 1891 Dr. E. K. Jones came and was inducted into Tabernacle. This minister was a noted bard and wrote several books, he was also the leader of the "School War". He left in 1913 after 22 years being, during his stay, a prominent councilor and J.P. At this time, in 1903, Tabernacle had about 300 members and twelve deacons in the big seat. The Reverend E. K. Jones left to go to Cefn Mawr.
  In 1914 the Reverend Gabor Davies came to Tabernacle. He was a studious man and a bard who confined his efforts to the Chapel and the arts. He left, for Mold, in 1932, after 19 years. In 1936, the Reverend D. A. Bowen came to Brymbo from the Theological College, Bangor. He was ordained in September 1936 and stayed until 1949 when he moved to Narberth in South Wales. He came to Brymbo to preach in 1987. In October 1950, the Reverend Ogwen Williams came from Talybont, Aberystwyth, he stayed until 1969 when he retired and went to live in Rhos.
  Because of lack of support, the Chapel closed on November 29th, 1987; the Reverend Gareth Williams of Gwersyllt preached the last sermon. 

One of the differences between the Baptist and the other religions was that Baptism consisted of complete immersion in water and it was said that in the early days local Baptists were baptized in Brymbo Pool as a means of professing their faith. However, the Tabernacle did possess a well where baptisms were done.
(Graham Rodgers, "Brymbo and its neighborhood book")
Pictures by Frankie Owens
Pictures by Frankie Owens
Churches in Brymbo

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Pictures by Frankie Owens
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